BT Remote Control

A had to devise a multi-channel remote control for motorized curtains  of all kinds ranging from gazebo awnings to traditional home curtains.

Over just a few weeks, DESIGNSUMISURA saught a solution offering to the client an option which satisfies the project’s main criterias, improves the product’s aesthetics and placement.

The electronic equipment had to be maintained unchainged but this was no hindrance to substantial design changes to the graphic interface devised with a wide front and speakers with a standout design, enhanced by its position on the top part of the remote and its LED lights which switch on when the device is functioning.

This remote usually is mounted on walls (or inserted in the curtain structure) and, for this reason, its design project focused especially on its front, styled by its clear-cut lines and white polished surface, while the back is smaller to create a compact and easy to handle product.

The wall bracket is almost invisibile, thanks to a subtle design solution, as the hook is completely covered and hidden by the remote, which is held by two side flaps easing its use.

The product brief required four different versions of the remote with, respectively, one, two, three and six channels. In the engineering stage, these different models were created from the same mould by positioning different wedges on its sections in order to change only the electronical parts and remote control masks (one for the one channel version and one for the multi-channel version) to create different versions of the same product.

DESIGNSUMISURA was in charge of the design and also of the engineering of the four versions of the remote control and worked side by side with the company and the supplier to choose and create moulds. The studio developed a turnkey solution for BrianzaTende in a very short time. Only four months since the production of the first aestethic sketches the first prototypes were ready.


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