As the Litho fan heater, E-vent has also been designed for the famous company Ermete Giudici (Aurora range), which is specialised in electrical heating systems.In this case, the concept was to design a fan heater with reduced costs for a range of different settings. The field of production is characterised by products which look alike as far as shape is concerned. For this reason, DSM devised an object which could stand out from the crowd conceiving an original design and suggesting aestethic improvements which are influenced by the object’s functions renovating the traditional image of floor fan heaters. On these premises, DESIGNSUMISURA wanted to give an added value to the “architecture” of this product in line with a stylistic research influenced by technological and hi-tech aspects.

The key innovative element is the warming body, which is no longer integrated within the structure of the product. The warming body, in fact, is part of the frame of the fan which also works as a stand. This base is ideal to accent from a visual and functional point of view the heating element, which is set on the shell and features constrasting colours. This is a design solution which combines a touch of elegance and a the size reduction of this element. The fan’s entire body is covered by a grid which is perfect to emphasize its power and capacity to convey the air flow.

With these simple improvements and new design codes, this product acquired a new formal identity which surpasses convential squared fan heaters thanks to its redesigned mass, volume and space.

The clear interface featuring control knobs highlights the idea of a formal integrity and is set within the frame. Handles are positioned (almost hidden) on the sides and blend with Event’s design. The body is in filled polypropylene and only the frame is in metal to stress its technological function.


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