BeGood Remote Control

The electric company Seav, specialised in motion detection devices sold worldwide, asked DESIGNSUMISURA to redesign a complete product line including a remote control, two outdoor electronic control units, a photocell and a receiver.

This operation is part of a broader project to redesign the company image according to a specific new formal language common to all products. DESIGNSUMISURA dealt with the design of products as well as all engineering steps side by side with Seav.


 1017_003_sfondo_grigio copy

The challenge of this project was to give a fresh look to everyday objects, as the company’s remote control for electric gates, which was redesigned with new proportions, finishings and functions.

The aim was to create a product which hits the spot and fits in with consumer preferences thanks to its small size, colours and positive tactile feeling. The product was also designed to be practical thanks to small improvements which make the difference, as the metal or silicone ring used to hang it on keychains.

The design of the remote control from a formal point of view consists of an interface characterised by straight lines framing the buttons which are positioned on the edges to avoid accidental pressing and a back surface which is smooth and rounded to increase manageability and hold.

The new covering of the remote control encloses electronic parts and comes with less separate sections to create a lightweight, pocket-size and practical product which shows a great attention to details. The shape of the remote control is slightly curved to suggest users where to direct it. Other features also show care for details as a smaller LED light and the polished plastic coating (in a white and a black lacquered version, the latter emphasizing the remote’s design and depth).

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